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JB is a total sweetheart. I love QBar! Truly the hippest bar in the Castro. (Please forgive my wonky eye. I get that way when I am drunk. LOL.)
QBar456 Castro StreetSan Francisco, CA 94114 

JB is a total sweetheart. I love QBar! Truly the hippest bar in the Castro. (Please forgive my wonky eye. I get that way when I am drunk. LOL.)

456 Castro Street
San Francisco, CA 94114 

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After a lovely little house party in the gayborhood and a rather interesting dinner at Starbelly, we decided to hit up the Lookout for some drinks. It just so happened to be a Saturday night which meant that Poppers was going on! To our pleasure DJ Christopher B ( was spinning, who had just come back from a trip playing in San Diego at Eden Nightclub on Hillcrest.

We walked up the stairs and were accommodated with great looking guys. There was a nice crowd going on in this chic venue. The Lookout is perfect on a clear evening because of its invaluable balcony. As a smoker, I appreciate being able to have my Captain and Coke with a Nat Sherman cigarette. I also absolutely love how the Lookout serves food now. There is something about drinking that makes me very hungry and the Lookout makes these amazing Sweet Potato Tater Tots. Not that I should ever be eating before clubbing but as someone born and raised in Oakland, “They are the bomb.”

As for the music, there was noticeable bass tonight. I asked Christopher if the Lookout had made changes to the speaker system but he told me that he had adjusted the bass. Good for him. The Lookout needs more bass. Some of the highlight songs showing Christopher’s versatility as a pop music DJ was the Russ Chimes Remix of Ellie Goulding’s “Starry Eyed,” which you’d expect to hear more at an Indie Dance party, but he was able to spin it after playing Denzal Park’s “Filter Freak” and followed it up with the eSQUIRE Mix of Music Sounds Better With You by Ruff Loaderz & The Cut Up Boys (a fairly decent cover of the original Stardust). Another great bar tune was the Moto Blanco Club Mix of Will Young’s “Jealousy.” There is something about Moto Blanco remixes that make you drink, and since Poppers is a bar party, the idea is to have people drink. Christopher B understands this and plays music attuned to the Lookout. You simply won’t be hearing the Thomas Gold Remix of Adele’s “Set Fire To The Rain” since that is meant for a bigger venue. Another track that has to be mentioned is the Tom Neville Club Mix of Alexis Jordan’s “Hush Hush.” It’s a very swanky track that was played and Christopher adjusted the treble and mid tones to really bring out the awesomeness.

The thing I like about DJ Christopher B is the image he represents as a DJ. It seems like everybody wants to be a DJ these days – ranging from celebrities to go-go boys to porn stars, but Christopher has a very wholesome and sophisticated background. This makes a difference because Christopher adds a touch of class to every party he spins at. I could see him spinning beyond the gay venue which makes him all the more special. Take it from a person who enjoys all the bigger parties having a great time in a smaller venue. I know I did at Poppers!